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What medication Lasix the composition and form of issue?
The drug Lasix is available in white tablets, they are round in shape, on the surface of the drug is visualized engraving "DLI", there is a risk. The active compound is furosemide in a dose of 40 milligrams.

Excipients provided such components: lactose, talc, starch pregelatinization, there are colloidal silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate. Tablets are Packed in strips of thin aluminum foil 10 and 15 pieces, and are sealed in cardboard boxes. The shelf life is four years. Dispensed by prescription.

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Another dosage form of the drug Lasix is represented by a clear solution that is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. Active compound furosemide is presented in doses of 10 and 20 milligrams. Excipients: sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, water for injections.

Manual to Lasix shows that the tool is able to perform and hypotensive function, i.e., to allocate an increased amount of sodium, reduce blood volume and suppress the perception of vascular smooth muscle to the action of vasoconstrictor drugs. Tablets Lasix dosage 40 mg diuretic causes good results already after 1 hour after taking the drug, the effect of which persists for 3-6 People treated with 10-100 mg of the analyzed drugs, in the end, had a dose-dependent natriuresis and diuresis.

The solution is placed in ampoules made of dark glass, the capacity corresponds to two milliliters. Sold by means of prescription. Validity of the drug is limited, it is three years, after which to use the drug should not be.

What is tablets / solution Lasix action?

The drug Lasix is fast acting duration, a derivative of sulfonamide, the active ingredient of the drug blocks the transport of some ions: chlorine, potassium, sodium.

The diuretic action is due to inhibition of reabsorption (back suction) of sodium chloride in the loop of Henle. Under the influence of furosemide increases the volume of urine.

Heart failure drug Lasix pretty quickly reduces preload, in addition, reduces the pressure in the left ventricle, has a hypotensive action, reduces circulating blood volume.

Tablets are rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract. The maximum concentration occurs during the period from one to one and a half hours. Bioavailability of 50-70%. Furosemide binds to the blood protein almost 98% of communication is done primarily to albumin. Medicine excretion occurs through the kidneys, as well as with a chair.

What medications Lasix indications?

The drug is indicated in the following situations:

In addition, the drug Lasix is prescribed as a diuretic in hypertension.Lasix is a trade name of the medicine, the active substance is furosemide. It take to reduce edema caused by heart failure, kidney problems, cirrhosis of the liver. Some people take Lasix from high blood pressure for emergency care in hypertensive crises. Below you will find the instructions for use of the drug, written in clear language. Examine the indications, contraindications and side effects. Learn how to take Lasix: how many days in a row, in what dosages, how to combine with drugs Panangin and Asparkam. Understand why torasemid displaces Lasix (furosemide) in the treatment of heart failure and hypertension.

With this drug I met when he excommunicated the daughter from the breast. Somewhere I read that in order for the milk not so fast dwelt and soon began to burn out, you must take some kind of diuretic. The pharmacy sold me "Lasix". I took one tablet immediately after the scheduled me as the last feeding, drinking, I stopped for a few hours before. The effect was immediate, within an hour after taking the first time I went to the toilet, I over six hours to run every half hour. Where only I'm in so much fluid came from. After these six hours I went to bed. I felt pretty strong thirst, but as needed to reduce lactation, did not drink. Kidney continued to work, forcing from me the liquid drop by drop. The effect of the drug was continued next morning, and was so strong that even I was scared and scheduled for the morning, taking these pills was canceled. Summarizing written above, we can state that this drug is very strong and better to take it with caution and after consulting a doctor.