Basic information about Lasix

Like when were not in the pharmacy of Furosemide for some reason, my pharmacist advised me to buy Lasix, at the same time said that it is even better than Furosemide. And the reason is that Lasix is not so much leaches potassium, and in General acts more gently on the body. Although I doubt it, personally. The active substance, the same as it can suddenly stop to wash the potassium?

Since the price of Lasix too is not even high, just the drug is not so famous as Furosemid, I bought. Moreover, that part still gave, because I bought one pack for two with a relative. Some drugs are needed rarely. As a result, the shelf life will come from this, and throw out the unused half of the pack. Therefore, some drugs that go by so slowly, buy two or more leaves.

I Lasix seemed as strange, indeed, softer than Furosemide. Both drugs have a diuretic effect, and run to the bathroom literally every 5-10 minutes for 1.5-2 hours. With Lasixa it seemed to me that "rides" often.

I have taken Lasix, in those rare moments when swollen, usually due to heat and increased fluid intake. Or eat something salty. All sorts of light options I like that are weak. Of course, abuse like that is not worth it. I like that for a long time, it so happened that 2 days in a row took Lasix, then there was discomfort in the area of the kidneys, they are in such moments are working and straining so much. Better how to control your drinking regime.

In General, it is recommended and when there is a slightly increased pressure, as the excess liquid it and can create. But in any case, the drug is serious, and drink it straight without a pressing need no need. I have a friend so drank to throw up to 2 kg per day ( to dress to get tight). Extra water goes, hence the feeling of loss. But it is a false sense, start to drink water and all will return. But little water, this is thick blood and increase the likelihood of blood clots. So, even if I take Lasix when I feel the swelling there, then be sure to drink water carefully so as not to overdry. Fortunately, make is very rare.