Reviews about Lasix

When I prostudio much of the kidney and then my disease started in women's region I with all the drugs attributed and that it is a diuretic. First, of course said treated only through the female area, since then I had been injected with many antibiotics and then began treatment for kidney.

Lasix unlike other drugs I was taking once a day, and then in the morning before you eat. In the morning there I don't like only drinking tea, and now this situation, had to get used to. So until warmed up something to eat, drank a pill and in about half an hour pressed upon the food itself. And so I saw every day throughout the treatment.

Side I got from this drug was no, both in principle and from other pills and medicines which I saw together. Tolerated everything well. After taking a tablet I often start to run to the toilet and at the time of treatment I did not go anywhere, unless I went on the injections. How much does this drug do not remember, bought a long time ago, but something that helped, then Yes.

I'm on my feet varicose veins and for a long period of time, and of course from this very swollen feet, and swollen legs especially in the summer and then I just no diuretics not do, has always enjoyed furosemidom, but the pharmacy was not here and bought "Lasix".

"Lasix" is a diuretic drug is the primary component of which is furosemide. To buy over the counter this drug without prescription. I bought a pack of 45 tablets, although it is in large packages. I have taken the drug in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating one pill and if the swelling was strong two things at once. Of course as with any diuretics took "Asparkam". After taking the drug in an hour, it was the urge to urinate several times during the morning. Side effects after taking the drug, I found, even when the saw not one but two tablets, tolerated the drug well. I liked the drug "Lasix" is a great diuretic.

When mom was treating kidneys, it in the main drugs prescribed diuretic and Lasix. If mom was treated at home, she would just start brewing diuretic herbs, and in the conditions of sanatorium, she had to take pills.

After kidney failure, and shots mom really wanted a night to sleep, and then began running to the toilet all night so in the morning mom was already mad: well are you running there?

The only consolation along with the diuretic Lasix also reduces the pressure, and the mother had not to take their usual antihypertensive medication.

But when the doctor canceled her Lasix, as she was glad of it! Make a few days is a diuretic and not to sleep at night is a big test for the organism. The same renal collecting Piconera although also a diuretic, but moderate action. But Lasix is a strong synthetic drug, and a stay at home mom it will not accept. Usually at the first hint of her kidneys enough to drink lemon, dill water, a decoction of oats or barley.

But the proposal gives rise to demand, and some people reluctant to brew herbs, so these water pills will help out surely and quickly. The list of contraindications to them small and strong and scary side effects, they do not have.